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Trip Report: Galena King Mine Tour, April 7th, 2018

NMT Caving Club

Trip leader: Dustin

Attending (From NMT): David, Eshani, Amy, Anna, Justus, and James

The NMT Caving Club has long avoided mines. It is not because we don't like the idea of exploring a mine; we do. It is because abandoned mines are dangerous; don't go in them. Recently we got in touch with the Friends of Galena King mine who offered to give us a tour of the non-abandoned Galena King Mine.

The group met at one of the gates to Kirtland Airforce Base. Once everybody was ready we proceeded to the mine as a convoy.

Meeting at the gate

The road does not currently go all the way to the mine property. We parked a short distance from the mine and hiked the rest of the way. We helped carry two large boards for use in covering up one of the closed-off shafts.

At the trailhead ready to start hiking.

Hiking up to the Galena King mine

Looking to the north, sharp eyes can see another prospect on the hillside.

View to the north of the area.

Eshani, being taller than the sign, is allowed to enter.

Eshani at the lower entry to Galena King.

The group at the lower entry.

The group at the lower mine entry.

The Friends of the Galena King Mine maintains the mine, and gave us the tour. They have sections of the mine open for tours while other sections are closed off.

In one of the lower passages.

Eshani with part of an old dynamite box. She is sitting next to one of the closed-off vertical shafts. The two beams that we hauled up were bolted over the open part of the shaft, insuring that nobody can fall in.

Eshani holding part of an old dynamite box.

Shown here is the lower vertical shaft. It is now fully covered to prevent any accidents.

Looking down the lower vertical shaft.

While many of the better samples have been pilfered over the years, a wide assortment of minerals are still on display in the mine.

Some minerals in the Galena King mine.

Minerals found in the mine include massive blue to clear fluorite, silver and gray galena, bladed white barite, with minor yellow sphalerite and green bronchantite.

Some more minerals in the Galena King mine.

And Eshani enjoyed every one of the minerals

Eshani with some minerals in the Galena King Mine!!!

Even more minerals!

Cynthia, finding a nice sample near the spoils pile.

Searching the spoils pile for rocks.

Matt and Eshani looking at the upper vertical shaft. This shaft was used to feed ore from the upper section of the mine to the lower. This shaft is, however, NOT on the tour for obvious safety reasons.

Looking at the upper vertical shaft.

You can, however, hold a camera over the edge and get a nice picture of the shaft..

Looking down the upper vertical shaft.

Eshani found a rock, and finding rocks makes Eshani happy. (Eating Thai peppers, drinking coffee, crawling through extra-small cave passages, and researching iron mobilization in Ilmenite are also known to make Eshani happy)

Eshani looking at a rock she found in the upper passage.

Anna was, ummm, quite startled when Amy found a rock.

A couple cavers looking at a rock.

After leaving the mine, part of the group searches for fossils in the limestone above the mine.

Looking for fossils.

Dustin, in an effort to extract a fossil from the limestone.

Digging for a fossil.

And after looking for fossils it was time to head back.

Looking over the canyon at the end of the trip.

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