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Trip Report: Robinson's Cave, May 12th, 2018

NMT Caving Club

Trip leader: David Hunter

Attending: John, Philip, Kirsten, Abhishek, and Aurora

Unlike the last trip to Robinson's Cave, this time the weather was the usual hot and dry.

At the car, ready to head to the cave.

As usual, we hiked around the private property to the cave. A new trail is being established, which may increase access. It will be nice to have a proper trail, but this will likely increase the impact from the irresponsible spelunkers that were once common in this cave.

The trail going to the cave.

The upper part of the creek were dry, and the lower part had only a trickle. Thankfully the pools had enough water for cavers to rinse off before heading back.

The creek near the cave, with only a trickle of water.

A caver showing remarkable enthusiasm for 36 CFR 261.9 A&B.

The don't damage the formations sign at the cave entry.

Everybody (except the trip leader / photographer) at the cave entry, ready to go.

The group at the entry to the cave.

An attempt was made to also photograph the trip leader / photographer, with limited success. Maybe he was embarrassed by forgetting his boots, and having to say "this is a bad example, but I will be OK doing a cave this easy in sandals?" Well, at least he was OK in sandals, though he strongly recommends against using them in anything approaching a serious cave.

The trip leader, with his head in a hole in the cave ceiling.

Despite the threat of 36 CFR 261.9 A&B, graffiti remains a problem. Maybe adding a 'C' to 36 CFR 261.9 would help? Or maybe some restoration work...

Graffiti in the large room.

Resting in the large room.

Inside the large room.

The formations are slowly recovering from the spelunkers, as shown by the fresh white flowstone on top of the old muddy flowstone. Hopefully they aren't re-trampled.

A formation starting to recover from being trampled.

As usual, the group was allowed to explore the cave, learning how easy it is to get turned around. And avoiding stepping on any recovering formations.

Exploring one of the many passages.

The formations aren't nearly as nice as those in Fort Stanton Cave, much less other caves. But they are still worthwhile.

Formations on the ceiling, with mixed shadow & light.

The mud head still lives at the back of the cave.

A large mud, ummm, sculpture, at the back of the cave.

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