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Trip Report: Vertical training at Box, February 10th, 2018

NMT Caving Club

Trip leader: Scott Christenson and David Hunter

Attending: Tyler, Connor, and Eshani

This was a long-awaited vertical training session. Regrettably, the shortage of trip leaders and large number of beginning cavers seldom allows for more advanced trips. We finally managed a vertical training trip. Though, only having 2 vertically trained cavers, we could only handle a few trainees.

The vertical training took place at Box Canyon, a popular climbing area near Socorro. There are several shorter cliffs that make for good vertical training, and the climbers installed lots of anchors.

2 cavers descending at Box.

The trainees were introduced to repelling in the school gym on short drops. Once they are used to repelling, the shorter cliffs provide a bit more challenge.

Bottom belaying

Tyler enjoyed the rappel.

Tyler repelling

Eshani starting down.

Eshani also enjoyed the rappel. But saying "Eshani enjoyed..." is generally stating the obvious.

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