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Trip Report: Parque nacional Radal Siete Tazas

30-31 Oct 2011

I had finally started making friends in Chile. My Spanish was not good, and I could barley communicate. But I managed to arange a trip with a couple Chileans to visit one of their parks, Parque nacional Radal Siete Tazas. This park is noted for its pools and waterfalls, and it is commenly found in Chilean photo collections. While my photos are not nearly as good as others, I will stick with posting only my work.

El Velo de Novia - The Bridal Vell

This large water fall provided an exelent introduction to the park. It is one of the largest of the water falls, and sits downstreem from the others. Anybody that kayaks (or swims) above must be careful not to get washed down this fall.

Picture of El Velo de Novia waterfall

There were several places to camp. We went to the end of the road and camped in an area accessed by an old wooden bridge.

Bridge near the campground

The signs in Chile vary from normal & clear to funney & confusing. Thankfully I was not in need of the baño when I ran acros this sign.

Confusing banos sign at Siete Tazas

Parts of the park reminded me of the United States. This part of the park had trails very reminicent of those in US parks.

Walkway near the Sieta Tazas.
The 7 Cups

The namesake of the park, Siete Tazas, translates as The Seven Cups. They are seven large pools that the river flows through.

View of several of the tazas.

It is hard for a picture to convey the mass of water flowing through such a narrow canyon, and the danger thereof. While people do kayake this section of river, it is not an easy stretch of water.

Living in Chile, 2011-2012 · Index · Cochamó, Dec 2011

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