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Trip Report: Goat Lake

7-9 June 2014

I decided to join The [Seattle Area] Mountineers on a day hike to Goat lake, schedule for 8 June 2014. Living 4 hours away I decided to camp in the area for the weekend, heading out on Friday and returning on Monday. Unexpected car problems resulted in my arriving slightly later than planed, but still with plenty of time on the Saturday before.

The lake itself was quite nice. Being early Spring there was still a lot of snow above the lake, but the trail to the lake was clear.

Goat Lake, Mt Baker National Forest, Washington State

What mountain is this, anyway?

Mountain above Goat Lake

I camped near the ??? river. On the way I stopped at this water fall, which is a short walk from the road.

The Mountain Loop Highway crosses the ??? river here. This secnic bridge is in faily good condition, and does not meet the very low standards of my other site, Scary Bridges.

Bridge near ?????

On the way back I stopped near Ross Lake for a day hike to Payramid Lake. Despite the Washington Trail Assoation's pessamysim, I found it to be a nice little lake. Given an overnight permit I would be happy to camp near it.

Pyaramid Lake, North Cascades NP

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