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Trip Report: Caballo Cave

NMT Caving Club, September 17, 2005

Trip leader: Kevin

Attending: David and various other cavers.

Trip report written by David Hunter in 2016!

Caballo Cave is located in the Caballo Mountains. Getting to the cave requires a long drive on a dirt road followed by a long hike. Don't forget to pick up a permit before starting out...

A view looking south-west from the Caballo Mountains.

After a long hike up the mountain it will be nice to head into the cave.

Cavers getting ready after the hike.

Caballo Cave is one somewhat large room with various places you can crawl back and around. It has a few decorations but not many. Here are some of the better crystals.

Some crystals in Caballo Cave.

And some cave popcorn.

Some popcorn in Caballo Cave.

I don't know how that stick ended up stuck there. Did a person or some other animal leave it there?


Long ago there was a small mining operation inside the cave. I assume they were after nitrates but I don't know. The shafts are deep enough to require caution when you go in the cave, and I recommend against climbing around inside them.


Sadly, graffiti has been a problem in this cave. I am surprised given how remote it is.

Graffiti in Caballo Cave.

On the way back down the mountain we decided to take a look at a possible cave entry.

What looks like another cave.

Not surprisingly it wasn't a cave, just a deep shelter. To be a cave it must have a dark zone (an area that is dark all day every day). This may have been a cave long ago before the canyon cut through it.

Inside the shelter.

It looks like somebody built a fire back in the back.

Further back in the shelter.

The view from the shelter is nice. It could be a nice place to camp except for the lack of water.

Looking out from the shelter.

An ocotillo clinging to the side of a cliff reminds us of how barren this place is.

An ocotillo hanging off a cliff.

The ocotillo grows little bitty leaves during the monsoon season. The rest of the year it appears to be dead. And all year its thorns lie in wait for passing cavers.

A close up of an ocotillo.

There are plenty of cactus around as well.

A large barrel cactus.

After checking out the shelter we return to the cars and head back to Socorro.


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