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Arduino Projects

Projects and information related to Arduino-compatible systems

This is a page for projects involving Arduinos and compatible systems. If you are not familiar with Arduinos I suggest checking Wikipedia or their webpage. I think Arduinos are great for hobbyists. They are also useful for simple professional and industrial tasks, especially where the ease of use saves the cost of hiring somebody like me. But I am disturbed when I seem them used where other microcontrollers, or FPGAs, are in order. Especially when using an Arduino results in a poor solution.

Mega Current-Sinking I/O Breakout Shield with LEDs

This shield was inspired by some students I was working with. When debugging they often failed to check the actual state of a given I/O pin, just assuming the problem was located in hardware (or software). And they are always having to wire up drivers to handle higher voltage and current. This shield was created as a handy solution. Of course, actually giving them to the students would be a different question, were I still TAing. You learn by designing, wiring, and debugging your own circuits, not having them handed to you.

A photo of the original Arduino Mega proto shield.

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