David Hunter

hunter {at} scarybridges [dot] com


I am seeking work involving the integration of mechanical, electrical, and software components to solve modern engineering challenges. My skills include mechanical, electrical, and software design, debugging, installation, and repair which I have used in demanding situations at remote international job sites. By studying the interaction of electrical, mechanical, and software components, and how they work as a system, I can resolve problems that can not be solved by focusing only on one class of system. I can work individually and as a team member, I can read, follow, and create documentation, and I can manage inventory, purchasing, and component selection to meet project specifications while minimizing cost. To move my career to the next level, I recently completed a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Mechatronics option.

Graduate Thesis

Professional Experience

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Skills and Professional Background



References available upon request